13 July 2023

Where to go out in Cannes?

As twilight falls, Cannes lights up with a thousand sparkles to welcome night owls in search of an enchanting evening. Among the city’s jewels, two restaurants stand out for their romantic ambience and exquisite flavors. L’Écrin Plage, bathed in the soft rays of the moon, offers a breathtaking view of the sparkling sea. Lovers will be enchanted by the gastronomic delights that merge with the murmur of the waves, creating an unforgettable sensory symphony.On the other side, the Baoli Cannes transforms into a paradise of seduction. Couples embrace under the stars, feasting on exotic dishes, while the enchanting atmosphere and play of light set their hearts aflame.

Once they’ve had their fill, travelers in search of unforgettable encounters head for Cannes’ two hottest bars. Le Befirst, a haven for curious souls, offers an intimate, hushed setting conducive to passionate conversation. Glances are exchanged, laughter is heard and the atmosphere becomes one of complicity as glasses are shared.

For its part, Speakeasy transports visitors back to the era of jazz and Prohibition. In a retro-chic setting, classic cocktails flow freely, while dancers are carried away by the bewitching melodies.

But the night doesn’t end there. Music lovers head for two legendary clubs on the Cannes scene. At Au Son des Guitares, bewitching melodies and frenzied rhythms resonate in the hearts. The notes mingle with bursts of laughter, while the dancers let themselves be carried away by the contagious energy.

As for the Palm Club Cannes, it stands like a sanctuary for Cannes nights. Bodies sway to the rhythm of hypnotic beats, lights twirl, creating an electrifying atmosphere where spirits are set free.

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