18 July 2023

The Fireworks Spectacular Illuminating Cannes this JULY 21st

In a ballet of light, the sky will be decked out in a fairytale symphony on July 21, 2023, for the eagerly-awaited Festival Pyrotechnique. Like a romantic tableau, the multicolored flashes of fireworks will set the celestial vault ablaze, awakening emotions hidden deep in our hearts. Beneath the star-sprinkled night sky, eyes will meet in wonder as the spectacle lights up the smiles of lovers. In this unforgettable rendezvous between reality and magic, fireworks dance gracefully in passionate, ephemeral arabesques, reminding us that sometimes the most dazzling beauty is born in the moment.



Join us on July 21, 2023, for this spellbinding experience at the Festival Pyrotechnique, where the harmony of sky and heart become one

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