7 September 2023

Cannes Festival Yachting 2023 “At the Pinnacle of Marine Extravagance”

Under the starry skies of the Côte d’Azur, from September 12 to 17, 2023, an exclusive and exceptional event will captivate the souls of lovers of the sea and luxury. The Cannes Festival Yachting, a not-to-be-missed event for international high society, will open its doors for what promises to be a breathtaking edition.

A spellbinding blend of glamour and wonder awaits visitors, with a fleet of dream yachts competing in splendor, exclusive beach parties and breathtaking nautical art exhibitions. The Festival will feature fierce competition between the most prestigious vessels, while guests can bask in the opulence of their cabins, lulled by the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The two jewels of Cannes’ harbors, the Vieux Port and the Port Canto, are transformed into grandiose stages where magic happens. Bordering the famous Croisette, these exquisite locations offer an exceptional setting for an unforgettable maritime discovery. The shimmering Mediterranean waters blend with the splendor of the yachts and sailing boats, creating an idyllic backdrop for the elegance and grace that are the watchwords of the festival. During this enchanting escapade, you may even have the privileged opportunity to take the helm of these floating marvels during sea trials. The Vieux Port, with its location at the foot of Le Suquet, is rooted in the history of the Côte d’Azur and, since 2019, has been devoted exclusively to the motorboat industry, bringing together shipyards, equipment manufacturers and service companies to unveil their latest creations. To the east of the Croisette, Port Canto shines brightly, hosting the Espace Voile, the Yacht Brokerage sector, and nautical toys, creating a dream world for sea lovers.

The 2023 edition of the Cannes Festival Yachting promises to be a modern fairytale, where the sea, luxury and magic come together to create an unforgettable experience. So get ready to live a waking dream on the enchanting shores of Cannes, from September 12 to 17. Prepare yourself for a nautical tale that will dazzle your senses and linger in your memory like a daydream.

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