16 March 2024

Cannes à Vélo : Les Incontournables de l’Élégance et du Divertissement

In Cannes, the art of living is expressed at the rhythm of pedals, offering cycling enthusiasts an elegant escapade in the heart of this iconic city. With over 13 kilometers of well-designed bike paths, discovering Cannes by bike becomes an experience to savor throughout the year. Follow the guide for an adventure blending elegance, entertainment, and an immersive exploration of the region’s hidden gems.

Coastal Cruise: An Exquisite 4 km Ride

Navigate the seaside for over 4 km, between La Croisette and Golfe Juan, by taking the bike path from La Croisette to Palm Beach. This two-way lane stretches from the sea station to the entrance of Port Canto, then continues from the Gould roundabout to Golfe Juan. Nicknamed “Les Mirandoles,” this 2.6 km stretch complements “La Littorale,” a picturesque coastal bike path. Experience seaside elegance while exploring Cannes’ charms by bike, with practical tips on rentals, bike parking areas, and safety.

Californian Elegance by Bike: An Enchanting Journey

Explore the Californie neighborhood by bike to discover breathtaking panoramas of the city and the sea from the belvedere. Traverse the winding trails along the Siagne canal, surrounded by majestic pines and fragrant eucalyptus. Hop on your bike for a captivating immersion, revealing the hidden treasures of Californie. This picturesque getaway offers a captivating alternative for outings in Cannes, combining tranquility, breathtaking views, and natural immersion in the heart of the city.

Cannes-Mandelieu: A Retreat to Natural Elegance

Cycle the 20 km to Mandelieu and add an additional 10 to 20 km to discover the famous Corniche d’Or, starting from Saint-Raphaël. This route, suitable for all levels, runs along the sea, offering spectacular panoramas of the turquoise Mediterranean waters and the red rocks of the Estérel. An experience that combines elegance, simplicity, and wonder, to be enjoyed throughout the year.

In Cannes, cycling becomes an elegant and entertaining way to discover the city and its surroundings. Whether you opt for a seaside ride, an escape to Mandelieu, or an exploration of the Californie neighborhood, each journey promises a unique experience, blending elegance, entertainment, and discovery of the region’s natural treasures. Find your ideal route and pedal towards an unforgettable adventure in Cannes.

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