Welcome to “La Belle Époque”, Cannes’ iconic cocktail bar, where elegance and refinement meet the excitement of nightlife. Located in the heart of the city, this magical place transports you back to a bygone era when the art of living was at its height.

As soon as you walk through the doors of “La Belle Époque”, you’re immediately enveloped in an enchanting, sophisticated atmosphere. The sumptuous interior design, inspired by the eponymous era, harmoniously blends classic and contemporary elements. Sparkling chandeliers, ornate mirrors and richly crafted woodwork create a warm, intimate ambience, perfect for savoring special moments with friends or lovers.

The cocktail bar itself is a work of art. Talented mixologists, true cocktail artisans, juggle colorful bottles and exotic ingredients to create unique and daring beverages. Whether you’re a fan of revisited classics or innovative tastes, here you’ll find a cocktail menu that pushes the boundaries of creativity, awakening your taste buds to new flavors and sensations.


Opening Hours

18:00 02:30
18:00 02:30
18:00 02:30
18:00 02:30
18:00 02:30
18:00 02:30
Fermé Fermé

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