Welcome to La Quintessence, a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Cannes, where gastronomy comes to life in an explosion of flavor and elegance. This refined restaurant invites you to enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience, blending creativity, authenticity and excellence.

As soon as you open the doors of La Quintessence, you are transported into a world of charm and sophistication. The intimate, hushed atmosphere is enhanced by an elegant décor, with a harmonious blend of contemporary design and classical touches. Carefully laid tables, sparkling chandeliers and sublime works of art create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and tasting.

The menu at La Quintessence is a true work of culinary art. The talented and passionate chef offers exceptional cuisine, highlighting fresh, seasonal produce. Each dish is prepared with care, combining traditional techniques with innovative touches to create unique flavor combinations. Whether you opt for delicate Mediterranean dishes, local specialties or bold creations, you’ll be delighted by the subtle balance of flavors and the artistic presentation of the plates.


Opening Hours

Fermé Fermé
12:00 23:30
12:00 23:30
12:00 23:30
12:00 23:30
12:00 23:30
12:00 23:30

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