Welcome to Roof Restaurant Panoramique, an exceptional gastronomic establishment located at the top of one of the city’s tallest towers, offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding cityscape.

As you board the elevator, you’ll be caught up in the anticipation of the spectacular view that awaits you at the top. Once you arrive at the Roof Restaurant Panoramique, you’ll marvel at the elegant, modern décor that enhances the breathtaking view. Large picture windows flood the space with natural light, allowing you to gaze up at majestic skyscrapers, iconic monuments and picturesque city vistas.

The Roof Restaurant Panoramique is renowned for its refined and creative cuisine, which harmoniously blends fresh, seasonal ingredients with innovative culinary techniques. The talented chef, passionate about the art of gastronomy, creates exquisite dishes highlighting local and international flavors. Whether you’re a fan of freshly caught seafood, tender and flavorful meats, or elegantly prepared vegetarian options, every plate is a true work of culinary art.


Opening Hours

09:00 22:30
09:00 22:30
09:00 22:30
09:00 22:30
09:00 22:30
09:00 22:30
Fermé Fermé

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